The pigments manufactured at Police are Grupa Azoty’s latest product segment. As Poland’s only producer, the Group supplies domestic and international markets with titanium white, marketed as Tytanpol®.

The pigments product range covers nine rutile grades:

  universal titanium white (Tytanpol® R-001, Tytanpol® R-003, Tytanpol® R-210);

  specialist titanium white (Tytanpol® R-002, Tytanpol® R-211, Tytanpol® RD5, Tytanpol® R-310).

Titanium white is an important component in manufacturing across a wide range of industries. The key market for TiO2 pigments is the paints and varnishes sector. The high quality of the Group’s pigments means that the majority are certified for use in products in contact with food.

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