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Grupa Azoty to present new products and host sports stars at 21st PLASTPOL International Fair

Grupa Azoty will be presenting two of its production segments − plastics and OXO − at the 21st International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL, taking place in Kielce from May 23rd to May 26th. Visitors to its exhibition stand will also have an opportunity to meet some of the athletes competing under the Grupa Azoty banner.
Plastics are a key product segment at Grupa Azoty. Plastics produced by the Tarnów-based company, i.e. Tarnamid® (polyamide 6) and Tarnoform® (polyacetal (POM)) come in natural and modified forms. Their high quality and formulas devised to meet customers’ particular needs are an effect of Grupa Azoty’s own R&D effort and cooperation with leading scientific institutions in Poland. This year, the plastics segment will be presenting new types of Tarnamid ® with reduced flammability (compliant with EN 45545-2013) and dedicated to railway applications.

“Grupa Azoty has repeatedly proven that the room for innovation in the plastics industry is practically limitless. We continue to look for new solutions for our customers. Therefore, we are now launching new, railway-dedicated types of Tarnamid®, featuring lower flammability, low levels of smoke and toxic fumes released in the event of a fire, and high oxygen index,” says Małgorzata Malec, head of the Plastics Segment at Grupa Azoty.

Tarnamid® has been used in the railway industry for years, particularly in flexible rail fastening systems. It has good vibration damping properties and helps reduce the levels of noise generated by rolling stock. It is also used in the manufacture of cabling protection and fixing systems, as well as in electrical equipment. Tarnamid® of reduced flammability can also be used in furniture, mechanical equipment and electrical devices for the railway transport.

The OXO segment will be presenting Oxoviflex®, a non-phthalate plasticizer produced in our Kędzierzyn plant. It gives plastic products extra flexibility, making them more functional and user-friendly. Oxoviflex® is safely used in toys and food contact materials as it meets the highest contamination prevention standards, including the most stringent ones laid down in the European Pharmacopoeia, the official set of standards for the quality control of medicines.

“We are a customer-oriented organization with an offering suited to their needs. Our portfolio includes a range of products which are often referred to as ‘smart accessories’. They are manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of the EU REACH regulation. During the PLASTPOL fair, we will present a variety of OXO products, including OXO alcohols, plasticizers and butanals,” says Aleksander Grymel, head of the OXO Segment.

At its exhibition stand (E35), Grupa Azoty will be hosting distinguished athletes of the Grupa Azoty team. Visitors will have an opportunity to talk to the sports stars, take pictures, ask for an autograph, or ask a question in a moderated interview. On Tuesday, May 23rd, the Grupa Azoty stand will be attended by Dominik Witczak and Aleksander Maziarz, ZAKSA volleyball team members and current champions of the Polish top volleyball division. The following day, we will be proud to welcome Piotr Żyła, a World Championship medallist in individual and team ski jumping events. On May 25th, we will be hosting Anna Werblińska and Aleksandra Jagieło, members of the Chemik Police Women’s Volleyball Team and the reigning champions of the women’s top volleyball division in Poland. During each visit of the volleyball stars, all participants will be offered access to a virtual reality application allowing them to test their volleyball skills.

Organized for the 21st time, the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL is the largest event of this kind in Poland and CEE. Its previous edition attracted close to 800 exhibitors from 32 countries and more than 18,500 visitors. For years, the fair has been considered a trademark of the Polish plastics industry.

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