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Sustainable Development

Responsible Care

The Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association launched the  “Responsible Care” programme (called in Polish “Odpowiedzialność i Troska”) in 1980s. Since 1984 it has spread extensively throughout the world. It has been introduced in 46 countries by National Chemical Associations whose member companies account for over 87% of total world chemical production, which is proof of its global recognition and acceptance in the international forum.
ZAK Spółka Akcyjna began implementing the “Odpowiedzialność i Troska” Programme in 1994. It was granted the right to use the Programme’s logo in its information and advertising materials in 1996.

ZAK S.A. performs the following tasks in the Programme:

  • Planning, implementation and registration of data related to the following: declared objectives relating to the Programme’s premises  – the results achieved for actions taken– indicators typical of the implementation of the Programme.
  • Filling in a “Business Self-Assessment Questionnaire.”
  • Preparing summaries presenting significant indicators of environmental impact, as well as occupational safety, health care and product distribution.
  • Maintaining continuous communication between the company and the Chapter of the Programme.
  • Informing the local community and administrative offices about the results of activities undertaken by the company to minimise any negative impact on the environment, improve working conditions and apply preventive health measures, as well as significant events connected with the implementation of the Programme. The implementation of the Programme is verified through audits conducted by the Administrative Office of the “Odpowiedzialność i Troska” Programme.

Responsible Care® General Management System

On 5 October 2010, during the Ecological Forum of the Chemical Industry in Toruń, the Chapter of the “Odpowiedzialność i Troska®” Programme, along with the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, awarded ZAK S.A. the Certificate of Implementation of the Responsible Care General Management System (PL abbr. RSZ RC), compliant with the CEFIC guidelines. 
The basic objective of the General Management System is to implement the guidelines to facilitate the Company in reviewing its own position and integrating issues resulting from applying the principles of the “Responsible Care” (“Odpowiedzialność i Troska„) programme with business processes (management in product trading). 
The certificate confirms that the implemented RSZ RC is compliant with the guidelines of the European Chemical Industry Council and the rules and criteria approved by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.